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The only vendor neutral middleware that will help you manage your travel budgets.

Tripeur Travel

Most comprehensive corporate travel solution

We are that intelligent middleware platform that can logically help optimize lag in your travel function and identify all opportunities of controlling travel costs efficiently and intelligently.

Tripeur Product Architecture

Vendor Neutral

Tripeur is a vendor-neutral platform for “your rates” and “best rates” 

End to End Data Integration

Integrate your data across the systems to plug the efficiency leakages. Be more productive in your travel planning and execution.

Compressed Timing

Save the most valuable time between travel requests and ticket booking. 

Transactional & Behavioral Analytics

Get real-time transactional and behavioral analytics to identify opportunities to save more time, money and accelerate experience. 

Digitize your Travel Function with Confidence


Travel Budget Management


GST Compliance and Reconciliation


Multi Vendor Integration and Management


Travel Policy Implementation


Alerts and Notifications


Omni Channel intelligent approval engine


Integrated invoice management


Single window reconciliation


Transactional and behavioral analytics


Aswani Kumar Gupta, National Head of Administration, DTDC

Single Platform Delivering Multiple Results

Only true multi-vendor platform

Tripeur integrates with any third party travel vendor (hotel, taxi, train, etc.) – API based or offline

Single repository to capture ALL invoices from all vendors

Single, customisable MIS & Analytics across all vendors

MIS & Analytics

Customisable MIS reports by service, vendor, cost centre, etc.

Advanced analytics to visualise your spends and processes to get deep insights

Behaviour Analytics to understand the impact of user behaviour on travel budget

GST Reconciliation

Entire system is GST compliant – ensuring GST-compliant invoices from all providers

Supports hierarchical company structure to allocate GST credit to the right entity

Advanced GST Recon module that does 3-way reconciliation between agency, provider and GSTR-2A

Advanced Cost Optimization algorithms

Granular budgeting across services, by department, cost centre, etc.

What-If Analysis allows understanding avenues of saving costs

Patent pending TripCue (Behaviour Shaping) algorithm shapes user behaviour to be aligned with company policies

Rich Content

Out-of-the box integration with all airlines

Online hotel content from all top aggregators

Offline content from offline aggregators as well

Plug & Play support for negotiated rates with airlines & hotels


Plugs into your existing IT infrastructure

Integration with ERP systems (HR / Expense / Finance)

Single Sign On (SSO) with any corporate directory

Ease of Use

WhatsApp based trip approval by managers

All notifications from system coming into a single WhatsApp channel

Instant ticketing upon approval, eliminating chances of fare jumps

24 Hours is all it takes to experience the power of Tripeur

No longer cycles of configuration. The platform is specially designed for Travellers, CFOs and the Travel Admins. It is ready-to-use and easily integrates with your existing infrastructure.  

Thousand transactions delivered so far


Annual savings delivered to CFOs

Thousand hours saved of travel teams and travelers

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Success stories

180% faster response to travel requests

See how Tripeur increased the corporate travel team efficiency by 180% within a few months for the leader in courier delivery services

4500 Travels Enabled per Month

How did Tripeur seamlessly scale-up with the travel needs of this fastest-growing startup that ramped up from 80 to 22K employees within 2 years? See how.

100% automated travel management

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